There are lots of resources that can help you understand the Chinese business environment more clearly. You can have a look at these to have more insight about doing business in China.

Embassy of the United States of America

The U.S. embassy in China supports the U.S. companies to start export and other business in China. You will learn about the various steps that a potential investor must follow to do business in China.

The US-China Business Council

Members can log in here and get access to different useful resources. You will find research and analytical reports. There is an advisory arm that helps members to get an answer to various investment questions, both general and sector-specific. They can address problems that are affecting their business in China.

Here you will get assistance to American businesses who are exporting goods and services to China. There is a network of trade specialists who assist U.S. businesses in China. There are trade specialists in different regional locations in China to help businesses. They will help you to realize trade opportunities and find local trading partners as well.

UF Business Library

You will get much information regarding doing business in China. You will learn about sales strategies, business practices and customs, history, people, economy, geography, government, and other things that will help Americans to do business in China. There are lots of case studies as well which will give the practical perspective of doing business in China.

These sites are full of resources on Chinese business environment and how U.S companies can become established in China. If you are an American and are thinking of doing business in China, these resources will be valuable for you.