How to find professional help for importers of Chinese products?


It is predicted that China will have the largest economy in the world in the 21st century. The relative cost of manufacturing in China has increased recently. Still, China is the cheapest location for American businesses to import goods or parts. If you are an importer of Chinese products, there are many ways you can find professional help.

Internet Search


You can find suppliers in China on the Internet. You can visit sites like Alibaba, or Global Sources. There are thousands of suppliers listed on these sites. You will find reviews of different suppliers here. Some sites offer credit check services and suppler capability assessment services as well.

Trade Shows


Trade shows are a great platform for finding professional help. In trade shows, you will have the chance to speak to potential suppliers. Having direct interaction with the supplier can help you to evaluate the suppliers and verify their credentials. The Canton Fair is the biggest trade fair in China held twice a year in Guangzhou. Thousands of attendees gather in this fair with a massive collection of products. The East China Fair is also a large trade fair in China that is held every year in Shanghai. Some industry-specific trade fairs are also held each year. You can search ‘China Sourcing Fairs’ site for information on specific industries.

Commission-Based Sourcing Agent


There is commission-base China sourcing agent who can help you find a supplier. These agents find suppliers, very their business status and help you communicate with them. After working with these agents, you will become familiarized with the business process in China.

There are many risks involved in importing products from China. There is the risk of dealing with poor quality goods or fraudulent activities. So, you need to do research and find professional help before you start doing business in China.

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